The Lessons I've learned...


We've all been wounded in our lives by something or someone.


Most of us have made bad choices affecting the trajectory of our lives.

When I was in my early twenties, I was sure that my real life (the one in which I was happy and fulfilling all of my dreams) was somewhere other than where I was currently planted. This quest for happiness first took me to London.

I procured an internship for a theater as a literary assistant, and I tried to settle in as a Londoner. When my money ran out and my visa expired, I had to return home.

I didn't want to go home. In my mind there was nothing for me there. I dabbled in a few jobs here and there, went to graduate school and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, and battled depression and anxiety. I longed to jump on the first plane out of my life and back into the pursuit of that which would "make me happy."

In my late twenties, I was still searching. I packed up and left for Australia. For the next three years, I flew back and forth between Melbourne and the states three times in an attempt to make a life down under. By the time I was thirty, I was worn out and broke. Was I happy? No. Did I have the dream life I'd wanted? No.

If the truth be known, I was looking for love.

But I didn't find love in any foreign land. I didn't find the real love I sought in any human men. In fact, the relationships only served to frustrate and depress me. 

So what did I learned from running away? I didn't need to. God loved me unconditionally and would never leave me nor forsake me. He sent His only son to die for me, and that alone was enough.

If it sounds simple, that's because it is. God's gift of salvation is for everyone. He is a friend to the downtrodden and the broken-hearted. He wants us to live in the now, not in the past. His greatest desire is to have a relationship with each and every one of us, so that we might turn from the darkness and live in the light.

That's the message of my novels, too. God gives me the stories, and I write them down.


  • I was born in Kingsport, Tennessee and lived there until I was thirteen.

  • I've lived most of my life in the Washington, DC Metro area.

  • My favorite movie is Remains of the Day.

  • My favorite book is Wuthering Heights. 

  • Causes I'm passionate about: sex trafficking and animal rescue

  • I have a retired racer and a rescued Italian greyhound.

© 2016 by Megan Whitson Lee.